My first silkscreen book, done accordion style! It’s done in such a way that the pages can be viewed as singular images or as a fold out. This was the first one done out of a possible six, so the printing and binding has some flaws being a sort of prototype. I decided to stylize a handful of gods from the Orchid Theology storyline into much simpler forms so they could translate to the silkscreen medium, so now they look like cute babies to me.

Black and gold (overall theme) ink on pale gray paper, with the gold ink being very subtle and the iridescence only really showing in very specific lighting. I did some passes of the gold cover separation on scrap white paper, which is seen at the bottom. 

The gods in order: Winter/North Tyrant, ‘Festering’ Ohuyo (sometimes unflatteringly referred to as “The Rotting Stomach”) Otougo, Mosun, Nailer, Hyle, Ro-Uun, and Vrinik.

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